Direct Store Delivery software

RouteDSD is the most versatile and affordable route sales and direct store delivery software on the market.

With the RouteDSD direct store delivery software your company can easily save time and money.

Features of the Direct Store Delivery software.

  • Save drivers time and allow them to make more stops in the same amount of time
  • Eliminate manual data entry. Eliminate duplication of effort.
  • Improve Inventory tracking. Drivers can easily view inventory levels in all trucks and
  • Easy to use reports and look ups  give users key information quickly. View your whole operation with the easy to use management console.
  • Credits are easily tracked. Credits can be tracked easily before they get out of hand. The credit reporting tools can show credits that may be excessive.
  • Barcoding adds Increased Accuracy. Drivers can scan barcodes for unmatched accuracy.
  • Sales History reports show activity. The handheld and management console both allow users to see recent sales data.
  • DEX. Companies of any size can DEX, saving drivers time.
  • Time Tracking. Track drivers time and use it for DOT reporting.
  • Surveys. Add survey capabilities to your system to collect additional competitive data in the field.

The direct store delivery software streamlines the route sales RouteDSD.comaccounting and reporting activities. The software has been designed to be easy to use. After some basic training most users are ready to go. Users will see an increase in productivity almost immediately. Managers will see an increase to the bottom line!